How Craig Moulton Can Help You

Every person involved in an accident is entitled to have a lawyer represent them, both in assessing fault and the extent of injury entitlements. If you are injured, it is vital to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

Developing an Accident Incident Analysis

Evaluating the accident scene and contributing events pertaining to the occurrence. Through use of accident investigators, police and witnesses statements we can determine an accurate picture of the accident scene. This may be important to best represent your circumstances and involvement, because at- fault and/or partially at-fault injury entitlements are greatly reduced from no-fault entitlements.

Developing an In-Depth Injury Claim Statement

Obtaining expert medical advice from your doctors and  expert medical and rehabilitation specialists is vital to best represent the extent of your current injuries but more importantly to arrive at a prognosis for long term recovery. Their recommendations for medical care and treatments, drug or specialist services, mental and physical rehabilitation, adjusted living support, medical apparatus or home care and long term care requirements is important in completing a thorough injury statement.

Myself and my financial experts will develop a financial impact statement of the injury costs, including personal care, drugs, medical and rehabilitation expenses as discussed above, as well as out of pocket expenses and most importantly loss of  present and future income and career opportunities and any career retraining requirement costs. Using the expert medical injury statements and ¬†prognosis and with your input, we will also develop an impact statement of your pain and suffering from which to negotiate the best award possible from the insurer both for your current and past sufferings as well as any in the future.

Managing the Process

Managing Personal Injury claims is what I do every day. I fully understand the process and the steps necessary to arrive at a fair settlement with the insurer. Filing statements, developing expert evidence, compiling a complete statement of claim then fairly negotiating your position with the insurer is what I do. If discoveries, mediation meetings or court appearances are required to arrive at a fair settlement, my experience and training has been proven effective.

Advocating Your Position

Working with you from the time of the accident and/or my engagement I am your representative. I will develop a sound legal position to handle the processes of recovery with the insurer on which to obtain an optimum, just and reasonable settlement or award that appropriately determines fault, if necessary, and compensates you for your injury up until your complete recovery or forever, if the injury affects your long term life needs. I have passion for each of my clients and will always and continually represent your best interests to obtain an optimum settlement, award or ruling for you regardless of how far we must reach within the legal options available to us to reach a fair conclusion.