Why Hire Craig Moulton As Your Lawyer?

Since 1985 my legal career has been solely focused on resolving personal injury claims to achieve the maximum benefit for my clients. It's all I do.

  • I conduct my legal practise as a sole practitioner. That means to you that when you hire me, you get me and my experience, not an associate, a case manager or legal assistant; as you may find from other legal firms.
  • I am proud to serve the residents of the White Rock/ South Surrey community. It’s my family’s home and I am accountable and reverent to my community for the quality of my professional services I give its residents and my clients.
  • Since 1985 I have assisted thousands of injured White Rock/South Surrey residents achieve a just and reasonable settlement for their personal injuries.
  • I understand the insurance settlement process and how ICBC and other insurer’s operate. I know their processes, filings and most importantly how they handle personal injury claims. I use this knowledge to obtain the best and optimum settlements and/or awards for my clients.
  • I am constantly involved in personal injury cases and hence am fully current in prevailing rules and settlement/award precedents. I understand what potential awards are given by the courts and insurers for your type of injury and circumstances.
  • Most injured people experiencing loss of income and added medical expenses may not have the money to pay for extensive medical, expert, specialists or financial modeling reports and analysis. In the cases I represent I pay for these expenses, and only recover my costs, if I am successful in winning you an award. You do not reimburse me if we are unsuccessful.
  • I am confident in my abilities to successfully represent your case. My fees are negotiable and payable on a “No Settlement-No Fee Basis”

How Craig Has Helped

Public Records of a Few Settlements Awarded